A look at radical lady, dresser and fashion designer Megan Browning's sustainable thesis collection

Check out the goods from Yoko in Mom Jeans vol. 1 feature interviewee, Megan Browning, below. Read all about how she brought her knowledge of thrifting and working with meager resources to her experience at Parsons, and why sustainable clothing doesn't need to be "drab" in our first issue, available here

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Make Fashion Fierce Again: An interview with Jake Thompson

Jake Thompson is one of the most magical, wonderful people you will ever meet. I got my chance years ago, when we came together with a mutual appreciation for the world of thrift and encouraging the practice of outrageous dressing. Since then, Jake’s hard work and enthusiasm has brought him to the west coast, where he has done fabulous things, including work for World of Wonder, the production company of, among other gems, RuPaul’s Drag Race; starring in, directing, writing and editing his web series, Fashion Week vs. Fashion Life, and overall being a source of inspiration for many with his loving, ridiculous take on how to express yourself through dress. 

So in honor of this fabulous human’s 31st birthday, we present to you a snippet of the interview Jake did for our first issue of Yoko in Mom Jeans.

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Yoko in Mom Jeans: The fashion mag you didn't even know you wanted

We're SUPER pumped to announce our new foray into another realm of fashion, that of the printed page, with Yoko in Mom Jeans! Named after my first ever fashion blog (Yoko in Mom Jeans, which was named after our cat, Yoko), that later became a weird website where I wrote about my writing and projects like C.L.A.P. (Creative Ladies are Powerful), the new vision for Yoko in Mom Jeans is to be all about fashion, expression and creativity in a way that is anti-elitist while celebrating the good things in life. 

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Take it Easy: 70's So Cal Fashion is the Best

It's probably not a surprise to you that I would pick the 1970's for my fashion decade of choice. It's probably also not a surprise to you that I would pick 70's So Cal fashion as pretty much the best fashion genre ever, specifically the looks the rock bands of this time well...rocked. I mean, just see what I have listed here

Now, the other week an actually surprising thing happened. I was in the the northwoods with some of my BFFs and we realized that we were all secretly into THE EAGLES.

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End of summer ode to my Birks

Having been raised to be incredibly frugal when it came to the purchase of frivolous items like clothing, it took me until I was solidly in my third decade on this planet to realize the irreplaceable beauty that must-have items like Sorel boots and Smartwool socks can bring into one's life when they live in Minnesota. After testing the waters (thrifting Sorels and scooping up Smartwool on clearance at Nordstrom Rack), my life was changed and I never looked back. Perhaps it is due to the fact that in Minnesota we have all of three months of warm weather (in contrast to a solid 6+ months of straight up winter), but there had never been a seemingly unnecessary summer-time name brand item that I had sought out as a potential staple...until I found my Birks. 

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Flower Power: The magic of violet, lily of the valley and peony

Flower essences have become one of the most exciting things I’ve come across since I’ve become studying herbalism. Flower essences are unlike tinctures, plant-based balms or oils or essential oils (those are the ones that usually smell). What I love about flower essences is that they are situational (vs. purely physical (though they can have an effect on the physical as well)) and work to bring one’s “true self” to the surface.

This spring, I captured the magic of three of my favorite spring-time flowers: violet, lily of the valley and peony.

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