Flower Power: The magic of violet, lily of the valley and peony


Flower essences have become one of the most exciting things I’ve come across since I’ve become studying herbalism. Flower essences are unlike tinctures, plant-based balms or oils or essential oils (those are the ones that usually smell). What I love about flower essences is that they are situational (vs. purely physical (though they can have an effect on the physical as well)) and work to bring one’s “true self” to the surface.

This spring, I captured the magic of three of my favorite spring-time flowers: violet, lily of the valley and peony. The violet and lily of the valley I harvested from my own homestead in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood of Minneapolis, while I harvested the peony with my sister-in-law while I visited her and my brother at their farmhouse in upstate New York. 

“Let the sun shine in”

Violet is an excellent way for people to overcome shyness, and to feel comfortable with presenting themselves and their ideas to others. It’s a wonderful little flower for adding happiness and bringing brightness to one’s life. 

Lily of the Valley
“Open up your third eye”

Lily of the Valley helps one become comfortable and accepting of their current reality in context with the larger universal reality we are all part of. This flower can bring calm and understanding to one trying to find their purpose in the larger experience of humanity.

“Banish the darkness”

Peony helps people that suffer from irrational fears and nightmares. It can help block negative influences and bring light to those are under the sway of “dark forces.” 

How to take flower essences
If you are taking a flower essence, start with taking 1-2 drops, under the tongue twice a day. When you put the flower essence in your mouth, wait 10 seconds before swallowing. After a week, the dosage can be increased to 3-4 drops twice a day if you are not yet feeling the effects of the essence. STOP taking the flower essence as soon as it works (you can return to the essence if you feel in need of it in the future) as herbs cause what they cure.

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