Yoko in Mom Jeans is now LaVera

The fashion magazine you never knew you wanted.

An update on our publication

Since the start of this project, we had planned on doing the magazine as a biannual publication, and for the past half a year have been working with fabulous folks in our community on the second issue of what is now named LaVera magazine. Due to some shifts in life goals, we are putting the second issue of the magazine on hold for a few months as we focus on making some pretty major changes in our lives. We've also been doing reflection on the mission of LaVera, particularly how sharing stories around the art of dress is the key part of what this exploration is about, and to that end, we want to invite others to share with us their stories. If you'd like to contribute to the upcoming issue, please contact us at lavera@doublepeacestudio.com. As previously mentioned, we do not have a new due date for the second issue as of yet, but you can stay in the loop by following us on Instagram @laveramag or by signing up for our LaVera-specific mailing list. Along the way we are hoping to share some tidbits of the fantastic work folks have already contributed to the issue, so be sure to stay tuned! In the meantime, check out our first issue, Yoko in Mom Jeans, here!


Yoko in Mom Jeans issue 1: Light/Dark 2017 now available!

UPDATE: For the second issue of our magazine, we have decided to change the name from Yoko in Mom Jeans to LaVera. Read about the change here and sign up for our LaVera-specific newsletter here

Our first issue of Yoko in Mom Jeans, published June 2017, celebrating all the good things about fashion, is now available! Issue one, Light/Dark 2017, includes thrifting tips, artwork by Lisa Luck Yednorowicz and Krista Tinei Oakes, interviews with Jake Thompson, Mindy Rinkenberger and Meagan Browning and more! Follow @laveramag on Instagram to learn more about the publication and for news on upcoming events and issues.

Read more about the story behind Yoko in Mom Jeans here and check out our first issue here. In addition to being available on our online shop, and at upcoming sales, you can pick up the first issue at the Future in Minneapolis and at Everyday People in St. Paul. Want to sell Yoko in Mom Jeans at your shop? Contact us at yoko@doublepeacestudio.com!